In its quest to achieve Total Quality Management, Readymix Abu Dhabi operates a computerised central dispatch system installed at Head Office. The Central Dispatch database stores the details of every project including a list of approved mixes, prices and services (temperature control, pumping, admixtures…). By restricting the shipper’s access to pre-approved mixes and services, efficient and prompt control can be achieved by the Technical Department, insuring that each site gets only their approved mixes.

The Dispatch System is linked via internet/intranet to all plants where available and via a specially developed GPRS connectivity when not available. This provides on-line & live information from all linked plants to Head Office enabling Technical, Operations & Sales personnel to keep a close eye on the quality and service provided to customers.

Readymix Abu Dhabi operates a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements.

To supplement the automated manufacturing process, concrete technicians are available to regularly check & monitor the consistency and workability of concrete both on site and at the plant.