Technical capabilities

We maintain our concrete quality and standards by focusing our technical capabilities in order to meet the most challenging requirements of our customers. This is achieved by:

Internal commitments

Readymix Abu Dhabi hires only the best, most suitable and qualified technical personnel at all levels. Our technical team is headed by highly knowledgeable and experienced engineers who keep up to date with new and advanced concrete technologies.

Commitment to high standards

Our technical team strives to exceed the customers’ expectations by meeting their projects’ requirements and professionally attending to any concrete related issues arising onsite.

Commitment to meet project specifications

No matter how big or small a project is, Readymix Abu Dhabi abides by the specifications and offer value-engineered alternatives wherever possible.

Commitment to concrete sustainability

Readymix Abu Dhabi always follow sustainable approaches when designing concrete mixes. These mixes are usually proposed as an alternative to the specified ones.

Commitment to the development of new concrete technologies

We operate a research and development facility dedicated to developing new technologies and enhancing existing concrete mixes. We organise/sponsor local and international concrete conferences and participate in the dissemination of technical knowledge.