The company currently operates plants in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, KIZAD and western region areas.

Readymix Abu Dhabi’s production facilities are equipped with the following:

  • State of the art, fully automated concrete batching plants with wet mix technology.
  • Eco-friendly power lean water chilling and ice production systems.
  • Soundproofed generators equipped with power saving, synchronizing & paralleling systems.
  • European Community environmentally approved concrete reclaiming and water recycling system.
  • Fully shaded aggregate storage bays.
  • Advanced shipping control and truck navigation and traffic control system.

Our concrete Batching Plants are fitted with heavy duty, robust twin shaft mixers and pan mixers. These plants use the latest and fastest conveying systems with extremely accurate weighing systems (to the third decimal point), all covered under a fully automated process. This is backed up by state of the art, sophisticated & computerized control systems offered by SIMMA, an Internationally recognised plant automation solutions provider.

This ensures that all concrete production supervised by shrewd engineers as well as highly skilled and experienced personnel is of the highest quality and complies with local regulations as well as BSI and ASTM codes & standards. Our capabilities and versatility has enabled us to be the leader in a demanding market. We meet all concrete requirements in terms of on design, durability and quality. Moreover, new ideas and designs are proposed.

Our investment and advances in both of our assets, personnel and equipment, has given us a competitive advantage in the market. Customers seeking a complete concrete solution always approach Readymix Abu Dhabi. Therefore, we are well known in mobilising plant and equipment for numerous prestigious contracts & turn key projects.


Plant Facilities

Our plant staff ensures that QA/QC and safety rules are strictly followed by all personnel. Under the supervision of the Plant Manager, proper maintenance programs are adopted to ensure optimum performance of our equipment and machinery and the safety of our operating teams.

Maintenance programs are a blend of manufacturer recommendations as well as well known maintenance codes and standards. This has lead to one of the best maintenance procedures in the field monitored and scheduled through a state of the art CMMS system that facilitates work and prolongs equipment life. This is achieved through deep analysis applied on different types of maintenance whether it is TBM, CBM, RBM or RTF.

The plant department deploys a range of Key Performance Indicators to ensure:

  • Plant and equipment are always at their best performing condition.
  • Maintenance work is always effective.
  • Staff are productive.
  • Product is of the finest quality and according to specifications.

We strictly follow our safety policy and closely monitor staff to adhere to it during maintenance throughout our plant. Hence, plant staff follows a lockout-tagout safety procedure while carrying out maintenance works.


Trucks & Pumps

Readymix Abu Dhabi operates one of the youngest fleets of high capacity truck mixers from European makers: Renault, Mercedes and MAN. The truck mixers capacities vary from 9 to 12 m3. They are maintained in good working order by our in-house workshop. The workshop is equipped with the latest technologies for diagnostic, troubleshooting and repair of faults. Trucks are also equipped with sensors to give feedback on consumption and other performance indicators.

The truck fleet is supplemented by 30 mobile (with boom sizes of up to 52m) and static pumps that are owned and operated by Readymix Abu Dhabi. Also available are a number of hydraulic placing booms up to a reach of 32m.