Research & development

The most recent advanced concrete products that Readymix Abu Dhabi has researched /developed are:

Geopolymers (2009-2010)

Over 2 years of extensive research works, Readymix Abu Dhabi successfully developed a concrete mix with total replacement of Portland cement by GGBS. Various mockups were cast using this concrete mix. Performance of the concrete mockups against various exposures over time is still being monitored. Data related to this research has not been published by Readymix Abu Dhabi yet.

This type of concrete is ecofriendly, highly durable and could be used for structural elements. However, particular placing and curing regimes require special expertise and practices that are not common in the UAE construction market.


EcoCrete & EcoCrete-Xtreme (2010-present)

EcoCrete and EcoCrete-Xtreme are a breakthrough in recent concrete technology. They are the result of an ongoing collaborative research work between Readymix Abu Dhabi and Innovation Center Iceland. EcoCrete & EcoCrete Xtreme have the following characteristics:

  • Easy to place Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) made with extremely low cement content (less than 80kg of cement and 260kg of total binder content per cubic meter of concrete).
  • Highly durable concrete offering extended service life even in very harsh environments (more than 150 years of service life according to Life-365).
  • Substantially improve concrete sustainability.
  • Substantial carbon footprint reduction (more than 70% reduction in CO2 e when compared to conventional concrete of the same grade).

A life size demonstration of EcoCrete and EcoCrete-Xtreme was carried out at our plant in the presence of the Icelandic president, H.E. Olafur Ragnar Grimmson, as well as other key people involved in the UAE construction field. During the demonstration, using a 3.8 x 1.5m transparent acrylic form of the shape of the “U A E” letters connected only at the bottom, EcoCrete-Xtreme was cast from the top of the “U” letter and successfully flowed throughout the whole form to reach the top end of letter “E” just in 2 minutes and 10 seconds.